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Moschino Cheap And Chic So Real

$56.96 $75.84

Cheap & Chic So Real Perfume by Moschino, A light, floral, and fruity fragrance that was launched in 2017, Cheap & Chic So Real for women is a fun scent good for everyday wear. The top notes open with a fruity, but still complex bouquet of bitter orange, tangerine, raspberry, and black currant. The middle notes bring in the sensual and heady floral notes of pink peony, jasmine, and magnolia. At the base, oak moss, cedar, and musk give the scent enough depth to keep it fun instead of frivolous. The sillage and longevity are both moderate which means it can be applied often and with a heavy hand if so desired.

Moschino is an Italian fashion house that was started in 1983. It is known for its fun, colorful designs and colors. This perfume matches that aesthetic in its scent as well as its packaging. The tall bottle is covered in a design of flowers, lips, and long-lashed eyes. The top of the bottle even boasts a face that appears to be winking at you with one eye covered by a sunflower.