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About us

Moustapha AL Labban and Sons proudly stands as the premier Cosmetics, Beauty, and Fragrances company in Lebanon and the Middle East, catering to both retail and wholesale clientele. As the epitome of luxury beauty and fragrance excellence, as well as a trusted provider of skin care and hair products, the company has been at the forefront since its establishment in 1960.

Pioneering a revolution in the cosmetics, beauty, and fragrances industry in Beirut, Moustapha AL Labban and Sons has become the preferred destination for customers across the region. Boasting two centrally located branches in Beirut, along with a team of highly qualified experts, the company ensures a luxurious shopping experience, offering an extensive selection of signature beauty products, exclusive perfume brands, reliable skin care, and top-tier hair care products.

Aligned with a vision of promoting beauty and confidence, Moustapha AL Labban and Sons constantly introduces new and innovative international products alongside beloved classics. The commitment extends to providing a caring and comfortable shopping environment, both in-store and online.

Moustapha AL Labban and Sons operates through two main stores: Moustapha AL Labban and Sons Hamra and Moustapha AL Labban and Sons Tallet AL Khayyat, with its corporate office located in Hamra.

In 2019, Moustaphalabban.com was launched, offering an immersive online shopping experience where customers can engage with experts for professional advice. The website has expanded its services to include worldwide shipping, ensuring a seamless experience for customers around the globe.

Actively maintaining a presence on social media, Moustapha AL Labban and Sons can be found on Instagram at @moustaphalabban and on Facebook @thinkbeauty, demonstrating a commitment to continuous communication with its clients.

Moustapha AL Labban and Sons proudly features an extensive collection of Niche Fragrances, available both online and in-store. Elevating the olfactory experience to new heights, our curated selection encompasses a broad array of exclusive and unique scents from renowned niche perfume brands. Whether you're exploring our website, Moustaphalabban.com, or visiting our main stores in Hamra, you'll encounter a sophisticated range of Niche Fragrances that caters to discerning tastes and reflects the artistry of perfumery. Our commitment to providing a luxurious shopping experience extends to these exceptional fragrances, ensuring that customers have access to a distinctive and diverse selection that sets Moustapha AL Labban and Sons apart as a leader in the world of luxury beauty and niche perfumery.