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Mercedes Benz Rose

$87.54 $116.73

Mercedes Benz Rose Perfume by Mercedes Benz, Women who feel right at home in a fast car need to wear Mercedes Benz Rose perfume. This fragrance is ideal for a range of occasions and will rest gently on the skin. It opens with a splendid assortment of rose petals, lemon, black currant and magnolia. This cocktail of aromas is expanded upon with a heart consisting of creamy rosewood and elemi. Finally, the base closes the composition with notes of white musk, amber and cedar. This perfume has been around since 2015. It comes in a lovely pink flacon.

Mercedes Benz has released many fragrances over the years, but most people know the brand for its lines of luxury vehicles. This automotive brand based out of Germany has manufactured everything from buses to trucks. The slogan for the company is ???the best or nothing.That attitude carries over into the companys line of fragrances, which are created in conjunction with the Incc Group.