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Mercedes Benz Silver

$74.73 $106.75

Mercedes Benz Silver Cologne by Mercedes Benz, The perfect all-season, all-weather, night and day fragrance for men is finally here. Mercedes Benz Silver is comprised of an excellent balance of citrus, spice, and earth-based scents meaning it fits into every scene in the modern man???s life. From work to gym to dinner on the town, this cologne is made for every occasion thanks to top notes of bitter orange, vetiver, lemon and rhubarb. This 2017 edition is deepened by the addition of spicy black pepper, earthy moss, and sweet ambroxan, which give it a well-rounded, long-lasting aroma. Whether as a holiday gift, a birthday surprise or simply a treat for yourself, this cologne in the ultimate chameleon, blending to fit every man???s style.

Mercedes Benz has launched over two dozen fragrances since their first edition in 2012. Using the same values of their world-recognized cars, this brand has focused on creating well-refined fragrances for the highly stylish man and woman of the modern day.