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Lalique L'Insoumis

$84.03 $105.08

L'insoumis Cologne by Lalique, L'insoumis Cologne brings the perfect punch of spice and woods to your personal scent. Created in 2016, it has top notes of rum, bergamot, and basil. It is then followed by middle notes of black pepper, lavender, and clary sage, and base notes of patchouli, Haitian vetiver, Clearwood molecule, and moss.

This fragrance was created by Fabrice Pellegrin within the Lalique line. The line???s name comes from the founder, Rene, who was a glassmaker and jeweler in the late 1800s. Her education in the arts began at age 12, and she gained experience over the years until she became a renowned artist. Particularly, she was known for creating beautiful bottles for perfumes. Rene died in 1945, and many years later, in 1992, her granddaughter Marie-Claude honored her legacy by creating a fragrance line and continuing to deliver scents in ornate containers. Since its beginning in the early ???90s, this fragrance line has added almost 70 different scents.