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Jeanne Arthes Sultan Black

$12.00 $16.00

Sultan Black Cologne by Jeanne Arthes, Sultan Black is a citrus, spicy and floral scent that you shouldn???t miss out on. Winter can be a long, cruel season, so celebrate the return of warm weather, songbirds and sunshine with a fragrance that complements the return of spring. Use this daytime cologne for casual office wear or while spending time with friends and family. The top notes give life to bergamot, cardamom, mandarin orange and ginger. The heart notes provide a floral balance with lily, rose, jasmine and violet. The base notes release a smooth diffusion of moss and musk.

Bernard Perrin founded his Grasse-based cosmetics and perfume company in 1978. His business underwent rapid growth, and by 1980, it had expanded into the international markets. The company???s goal is to provide wide availability without compromising production or performance standards. The business continues to be a family-run operation and Thibaud Perrin stepped in as the managing director after his father retired