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Hermes Jardin Sur Le Nil

2,887,000 L.L 3,850,000 L.L

Un Jardin Sur Le Nil Perfume by Hermes, A verdant herb and vegetable garden grows along the Nile river, giving inspiration to this 2005 perfume, Un Jardin Sur Le Nil. It opens crisply and cleanly with the scents of lemon and mango, along with a hint of tomato leaf and carrot. The heart is made of the sweet floral flavors of lotus, orange, hyacinth, and peony with a dramatic splash of bulrush harkening to the riverside foliage. The base is subdued with glimpses of musk, incense, iris, labdanum, and a spritz of cinnamon. Akin to a real garden, the smell is not overpowering, but holds its scent for most of the day, making this a refreshing addition to everyday wear or a breathtaking component of a special night out