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About Moustapha Al Labban & Sons

About Moustapha Al Labban & Sons

About Moustapha Al Labban & Sons

For more than 60 years the Moustapha Al-Labban and sons company has been active in the Lebanese and Middle Eastern market.In 1960 Moustapah Al-Labban opened his first store in Beirut Central District and became the most famous name in the world of perfume and cosmetics in the region. Shortly after a new branch was established in the lively shopping area of Hamra and a third one in Tallet El Khayat 2 minutes away from the high end boutiques of Verdun. Now the company is the pioneer in both whole sale and retail services and distributes all around Lebanon, the Middle East (Jordan, Syria, Iraq, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey) and Africa (Egypt, Libya, Congo).

Moustapha Al-Labban and sons also developed a wide range of their own high quality body and facial care products to cater for the beauty industry. Year after year more and more brands are being sold at the stores, brands from Europe, The United States, and the Middle East. Products range from fragrances, make up, facial creams, body creams, and hair tools, to self care products and appliances. The stores that have award winning designs welcome customers in a friendly atmosphere where experts are ready to help and give advice on the types of products that suite every individual. Being Experts in the Lebanese and regional market the Moustapha Al-Labban and sons company is always looking to venture in new projects and to explore new markets. Luxury is our brand, you can find everything you need from Luxury Fragrances , Makeup and Skincare. With unbeatable prices and special discounts for our customers.

Offering Authentic products with our history of sixty years of experience and  with our well experienced team on land and through online chats we can make your life easier for your beauty and fragrance world.

Moustapha Labban
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