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Trussardi Riflesso Spray

$60.75 $81.00

Trussardi Riflesso Cologne by Trussardi, Trussardi Riflesso is a woody, oriental fragrance concocted by the brilliant perfumer Veronique Nyberg.???Launched in the year 2017, this scent features stimulating accords designed to awaken the senses. The top opens fresh and clean with citrusy notes of bergamot and pink grapefruit, the scent of green apple adding a tart twist. The heart takes a romantic, floral approach, the aroma of geranium and violet detectable behind the relaxing scent of lavender.???To finish, the scent of leather comes in strong and robust, accented by woody notes of vetiver and tonka bean. This fragrance is best suited for day time, but makes a perfect choice for romantic evening wear as well. Trussardi is an Italian company that specializes in fashion and lifestyle items. Launched over 100 years ago, this company originally started as a glove factory. Today, the brand has dozens of perfumes available, working in collaboration with some of the best perfumers in the business.