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Sisley Hydra Global Serum

$220.50 $245.00

Hydra-Global serum is the first fundamental daily step in reinforcing the skin’s power of auto-hydration. To boost the skin’s intensive natural hydration, the serum has 3 unique features:

1. The skin's power of auto-hydration A powerful hydration booster, it acts on the 3 key stages of the water cycle by using the power of key ingredients of natural origins. Rehydrated from within, the skin is more beautiful and ready to withstand the hands of time. • It increases water reserves • It promotes water circulation in the epidermis • It lastingly retains water in the skin

2. A sensorial watery texture and an energizing scent A fresh, delicate and light texture that leaves a bare-skin sensation. Instantly absorbed, it allows daily skin care to be applied immediately. The olfactory signature of the Hydra-Global range: the essential oils of Sage, Lavender and Marjoram naturally scent the serum.

3. Numerous possibilities based on your skin's needs • An ideal addition to all skin care products: it completes the care, bringing intense hydration to every level of the skin • As part of the expert moisturizing duo: daily use of Hydra-Global moisturizer combined with the serum optimizes the skin moisturizing performance. • An ideal addition to support all skin types (dry, normal, combination or oily) that may suffer from dehydration at times due to various factors, including (weather, sun, wind, air conditioning, or lifestyle).