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Sisley All Day All Year

$413.49 $459.43

During the daytime, our skin uses its energy to protect itself.

All Day All Year is the perfect daycare product, supporting the skin by acting as a global protective shield, to keep the skin looking younger. When designing All Day All Year, Sisley’s Laboratories studied the internal and environmental factors to which we are exposed over our lives. These factors are grouped together under the scientific term exposome, which encompasses pollution and cigarette smoke in particular. They are responsible for 80% of skin aging.

The complex and highly concentrated formula of All Day All Year protects the skin from aggressors that can cause premature aging and enhance its self-defense* power thanks to two complementary physical and biological shields. On the surface of the skin, the physical shield, with its encapsulated filters, provides comprehensive protection against pollutants to limit their penetration into the skin**. Within the skin, the biological shield stimulates its natural defenses by: - helping to strengthen the skin barrier - activating the skin’s self-defense* capabilities to limit the harmful effects of pollutants** - providing an anti-aging action.