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Serge Lutens Serge Noire

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Serge Noire Cologne by Serge Lutens, When a man-of-the-town heads out for a night on the town, Serge Noire makes the ideal partner. An Oriental fragrance from the renowned nose of Christopher Sheldrake, this spicy scent turns up the heat on even the coldest fall and winter nights. A moderate sillage effortlessly combines with a longevity that won???t quit, so you have what it takes to go all night long. Put a spring in your dance step with a spritz of this sultry fragrance before you head out into the dark. The fragrance notes of this high-stepping scent feature ebony wood, spices, clove, incense, woody notes, amber, cinnamon and patchouli. This scent launched in 2008.

Much like the fragrances his brand creates, the designer Serge Lutens is passionate about life. After a successful career as a professional photographer and artist, he launched his own fragrance house in 2000. Since that illustrious moment, his brand has focused on creating luxurious niche fragrances for men and women all over the world