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Serge Lutens Bapteme Du Feu

$181.56 $226.97

Bapteme Du Feu Perfume by Serge Lutens, Immerse yourself in a tantalizing blanket of spicy-sweet flavor with Bapteme Du Feu, a sensual fragrance from Serge Lutens. Infused with fruity, woody and citrus accords, this sweet and refreshing blend is sure to have heads turning with every passing glance. Notes of gingerbread and other powdery scents take charge of this unisex concoction, offering a spicy, sugary treat with every spritz. Osmanthus and castoreum add an herbal touch to the essence, followed by zesty tangerine for an unassuming kick of citrus. The fragrance finishes with a plethora of woody notes that balance the other ingredients for an intoxicating, Oriental scent that captures the mind and the body.

Released in 2016, this fragrance was formed by master perfumer Christopher Sheldrake and launched by the house of Serge Lutens. A natural talent in many areas, this creative innovator is best known for his work in fashion and perfume design. However, he also dabbles in hairstyling, filmmaking and photography, making for a broad career across many mediums.