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Prada Candy L'Eau

1,458,000 L.L 2,430,000 L.L

Prada Candy L'eau Perfume by Prada, Seductive and playful notes are at the forefront of Prada Candy L'eau perfume. This fragrance has been around since April of 2013. The opening of the composition consists of fresh Italian citruses. This is followed by a glorious heart of sweet pea. Lastly, the base ends the profile with notes of caramel, white musk and benzoin.

While Prada is mostly known for its first-class fashions, it has also dabbled in the perfumery industry. It has actually released dozens of fragrances since the 1990s. However, the origins of the company date back to 1913 when two brothers sought to release their own leather products. The company???s first backpacks and totes became instant hit, and over time, the brand house would go on to release shoes, womenswear and much more.

The perfumer responsible for this incredible fragrance is Daniela (Roche) Andrier. French actress Lea Seydoux was the face of the ad campaign. Roman Coppola and Wes Anderson directed the perfume???s promotional video