Police Shock In Scent

615,000 L.L790,000 L.L

615,000 L.L

Police Shock In Scent Cologne by Police Colognes, Joltingly sexual, Police Colognes Police Shock In Scent is bursting with erotic energy and raw???animal magnetism. An intensely masculine fragrance, it opens with a wave of uplifting lemon, refreshing grapefruit, aromatic cardamom and spicy pepper. The heart is devoted to sensual pleasures; distinctively sharp lavender and effervescent peppermint arouse the senses and add electricity. Earthy birch leaf and woodsy cedar feel empowering and add???vitality. Intense patchouli, sweet Tonka bean and primal musk create urgency and desire. Complex and enigmatic, it???s designed to compel attention; always impetuous, brilliantly original, stunningly provocative.