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Maybelline Mascara The Colossal Longwear 36H

Black 01

Maybelline The Colossal 36h Longwear Mascara gives your lashes a colossal volume. Its formula is flake and smudge resistant, in addition to being waterproof. In other words, it is also thanks to these characteristics and its extra black pigmentation that your eyelashes can hold up to 36 hours. Whatever happens, your eye will not lose its prominence for a long time! Furthermore, this iconic and giant brush offers you extra volume so that you can have your desired dramatic lashes. At the same time, your eyelashes gain density but without looking too heavy and fake. In short, if you want to find a long lasting eyelash mask that will elevate your eyelashes to another dimension, this Maybelline The Colossal 36h Longwear Mascara is essential in your make-up kit. Moreover, its extra black color will make your eyes stand out and you can always make it look simpler or really bold and glamorous. You just need to apply only one layer of mascara or several for a more voluminous and dense effect.