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Lancaster Tan Deepener 6 SPF 200ml

$43.30 $54.12

Tan Deepener, a deliciously silky, tinted jelly, one of Lancasters iconic products and its stand-out best seller, has taken another leap forward in the tanning - and glamour - stakes.

Its delicious texture and caramel colour will give any skin a golden glow. This tinted body gel provides skin with an immediate glow while allowing you to obtain an even faster, deeper, flawless tan. Be careful not to protect against UV rays. It can be applied over to an average sunscreen (SPF15) to lighten and emphasize tanning.

Lancaster Solar Tan Deepener 200ml is perfect to complete your fashion ¨gear. In our online store dressinn, you can profit from the multitude of advantages and if you place your order right away at dressing, you will receive it in a few days at home. In addition, in our online fashionstore you can find other ashion products that complement Lancaster Solar Tan Deepener 200ml.