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Lalique Satin

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Lalique Satine Perfume by Lalique, Released in 2013, Lalique Satine is a delicately rich blend of floral spice, guaranteed to make the wearer stand out during a night on the town. This heady scent is lead by top notes of heliotrope and gardena and centered by heart notes of pink pepper, showcasing the meticulous balance of this modern blend. Woody base notes of sandalwood and tonka bean finish off the fragrance with a strong, elegant touch.

Ren‹¨«?® Lalique (1860-1945) was a renowned jeweler, artist, and master ceramist who founded his self-named French glassware design house in 1885. Alongside his business partner, perfumer and businessman Franƒ?????®ois Coty (1974-1934), the design house developed unique and elaborate glass vessels for perfumes, a concept unheard of during a time when plain glass vials were standard for perfume packaging. Today the brand has over 60 perfumes in its collection, and is also known for its founder pioneering mass-scale production of perfume.