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Lalique Rose Royal Noir Premier

$198.57 $264.64

Rose Royale Perfume by Lalique, One of six perfumes in the Lalique Noir Premier collection, Rose Royale was released in 2014. It carries a peach and apricot head, which become the most prominent scents in the mix. The heart of rose and osmanthus adds some harmony to the fruity top notes. A moderate sillage makes this the perfect choice for evening wear or allows for reapplication to keep a strong scent all day long.

Lalique was founded by and named after artist Rene Lalique. Rene was the first to produce decorative, glass perfume bottles in the 1880s. He helped consumers see that the vessel the perfume came in was just as important as the fragrance itself. As a result, perfume companies over 100 years later still sell their perfumes in decorative bottles.

Each scent in the Lalique Noir Premier collection honors an important year from the company's history. This perfume celebrates the year 1935, when the first Lalique store was opened in Paris. This date is adorned in gold on the sleek, black bottle.