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Lalique Fleur Universelle Noir Premier

$238.00 $265.00

Lalique Fleur Universelle Noir Premier Perfume by Lalique, Lalique Noir Premier Fleur Universelle is an alluring blend of spicy and liqueur accords. This fragrance by famed glassware manufacturer Lalique, introduced in 2014, opens with a sophisticated boldness with notes of rum, pink pepper and cardamom. The heart of the perfume is warm and aromatic with notes of cinnamon and myrrh, and the distinct spiciness of the immortelle flower. The base of patchouli, lorenox and tonka bean is rich and earthy. This fragrance is complex and mesmerizing and is perfect for a woman who is the same.

Lalique was founded by Rene Lalique, a French jewelry designer, in 1885. Although he enjoyed popularity as a jeweler, he began to design glassware, which soon became more successful than his jewelry. His work became even more well-known when he partnered with famed perfumer Francois Coty to develop elegant flacons for the distribution of Coty???s perfumes. Before this, fragrances were sold in unadorned glass vials. Marie-Claude Lalique, Rene???s granddaughter, created the Lalique fragrance line in 1992.