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Lalique Chypre Silver

$201.80 $224.32

Besides the latest edition Living Lalique to mark the year of 2015 of the house of
Lalique, a new collection of fragrance inspired by precious metals was introduced. It
arrives after last year???s collection Lalique Noir Premier La Collection and follows the
tradition and style of the house. Flacons of the new collection Lalique Les
Compositions Parfumees Collection were created in the same style as the flacons of
men???s fragrance Hommage a l'homme Voyageur presented last year, made of
blurred glass with a black stopper.
The latest collection Lalique Les Compositions Parfumees includes the following
editions: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Electrum and Zamak. "A harmonious blend of metals
melted together as perfume raw materials arrive united in a collection of beautiful
and unique fragrances. Five different fragrances are based on alloys of metals and
precious metals".
The opening notes of Silver provide cardamom, lemon and thyme as silver stars that
awaken all senses. The heart adds galbanum and Haitian vetiver to accentuate
elegance while the base contains leather, patchouli and labdanum, leaving a leatherchypre trail. The nose behind this fragrance is Karine Dubreuil.