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Jimmy Choo Blue

$58.28 $83.25

Jimmy Choo Man Blue Cologne by Jimmy Choo, New to the fragrance world, Jimmy Choo Man Blue is a contemporary, masculine fragrance perfect for the suave, sophisticated man no matter where his travels take him. With key notes of rough leather, savory sage and biting black pepper, this is the cologne for the confident man. However, the undertones of vanilla and sandalwood bring a new level of depth to the fragrance world; there is masculinity but tenderness and sensuality within. Available from August 2018, this earthy scent is set for every season, every adventure and every step of the modern man???s journey.

World famous shoe designer Jimmy Choo put his first foot in the fragrance market in 2011. Since then, the brand has created a line of over 24 popular perfumes for both men and women. With their knowledge of fashion and top trending accessories, every man can expect the best of fresh scents from this world-famous design house.