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Jimmy Choo Blossom

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Jimmy Choo Blossom Perfume by Jimmy Choo, Created in 2015, Jimmy Choo Blossom is a sweet, fruity medley of berries and floral aromas. Wear this as the sun rises high overhead during the spring and summer months. This lovely perfume is distilled happiness in a deep, pink flacon. The top notes are a sugary mixture of raspberry, citrus and red berries. The heart notes make a gentle presentation of sweet pea and rose. The base notes are a smooth collection of sandalwood and musk. Louise Turner crafted this beautiful scent.

Known for his handcrafted shoes, Jimmy Choo learned the trade from his father. Choo took to the craft quickly and was making shoes by himself by age 11. While he was born in Penang, Malaysia, he traveled to England to study and eventually stayed to start a business in London. His first store opened in 1986 and was formerly the site of a hospital. His collections garnered critical acclaim, and he joined with Vogue magazine editor Tamara Mellon to start his personal fashion line in 1996.