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Jeanne Arthes Sultan Noir Velours

$12.00 $16.00

Sultane Noir Velour Perfume by Jeanne Arthes, Released in 2010, Sultane Noir Velour is a women???s fragrance that offers a bewitching combination of floral and oriental notes. The top notes of this scent are bold with bergamot and mimosa. The effervescent middle notes are heliotrope, black rose and jasmine. The base notes carry cedar, musk and tonka bean for a woodsy, smooth finale. This fragrance is sold in an elegant, black flask that tapers to a lid that resembles a curling plume of smoke. This scent is singular and alluring and is best worn for evening occasions.

This perfume is part of the Jeanne Arthes line. The French perfume brand is a smaller branch of The Arthes Group. The company opened in 1978 and started marketing its fragrances worldwide. By 1995, the brand opened its own manufacturing department in Grasse, near the French Riviera. With this facility, the company was able to sell to mass market vendors around the world.