Jeanne Arthes Love Generation Sexy

186,000 L.L


Love Generation Sexy Perfume by Jeanne Arthes, Love Generation Sexy is a temptation-tinged scent from 2009 that titillates you totally, from your temples to your toes. Its sweet and fruity accords mix to form a seductive air that can command the attention of anyone you desire. The top notes open with a citric blast of lemon and mandarin sorbet. The fruit flavors continue with the middle note of apple, itself blended with both jasmine and lipstick aromas. Finally, the scent rests on its vanilla, musk, sandalwood and raspberry base. Bottled in a glass flacon wrapped in the violet feathers, this fragrance is a must-have for any boudoir atmosphere. With moderate longevity, you should be fine with just a few spritzes. It???s soft to moderate sillage means that only those in your most intimate of ranges can get a sniff.

Part of the Arthes Group, a famous French perfume company, Jeanne Arthes has been making scents since the early 1980s. In 1987, the company finally was able to begin manufacturing perfume in Grasse, a French town famous for its perfume.