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Collistar Sublime Black Precious Cream + Tube

$27.20 $34.00

An exclusive set containing the SUBLIME BLACK PRECIOUS CREAM in the 50 ml format, and your gift, a tube of the same cream in the practical travel size of 25 ml. Is there a better occasion to have your favourite cream always with you when you are travelling, on the weekends or at the gym? SUBLIME BLACK PRECIOUS CREAM BRIGHTENS REPAIRS DETOX EFFECTA precious cream with an astonishing 'black' consistency which vanishes on contact with the skin and transforms into an ‘activator of radiance and youth’. Sumptuous and ultra-rich, this cream sublimes your face with a spectacular light effect that reawakens the skin’s vitality and leaves the complexion looking perfectly radiant. Its active ingredients ensure a powerful regenerating, repairing and detoxifying action. Results: •skin is more supple •contours of the face and neck are more defined •wrinkles are reduced •complexion is brightened •face appears more youthful. 50 ml jar + free 25 ml tube.