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Collistar Protective Drops

2,560,000 L.L

A new step in the Beauty Routine, with an innovative formula that’s essential for preventing the signs of ageing and dark spots: DAILY PROTECTION, the first anti-age gesture today.

Contains SMART SUN PROTECTION, the innovative pro-Vitamin D filter system:

Activates the health-giving vitamin while blocking damaging rays, reaping the benefits of sunlight for the skin’s health and wellbeing.
It protects areas of skin exposed throughout the year (face, neck-décolleté, and hands) from environmental stress, pollution, UVA/UVB rays, infrared and blue light; all factors responsible for skin ageing and discolouration.
The COLLISTAR Gocce Magiche Protective Drops formula is enriched with Niacinamide (anti-age, brightening) and Hyperfermented Italian Rice Water, a special sustainable active Italian ingredient with evening, antioxidant properties.

The magic texture is incredibly light, fluid, and ultra-sensory; it glides on easily and melts into the skin, creating the perfect base layer for make-up.