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Collistar Lift Hd Anti-Age Lifting Roune Set

2,209,000 L.L

From Collistar Research, LIFT HD, the innovative line with an immediate beautifying effect and progressive anti-age action, thanks to a combination of two precious active ingredients. Tens-Activ, a unique plant-based ingredient extracted from chicory root, envelops the face in a 3D matrix for an instant lifting effect. Exclusive Lift HD Complex combines a precious brown algae extract with a powerful bioactive tetrapeptide to boost dermo-epidermal activity, encouraging fibroblast production and stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis. ULTRA-LIFTING FACE AND NECK CREAM 50 ml Enriched with special multi-reflecting powders that capture the light, diffusing it harmoniously and creating incredible luminosity and perfection. MASK-CREAM NIGHT RECOVERY 15 ml A special microalgae extract activates and optimizes the skin’s night-time DNA regeneration process, restructuring and regenerating the epidermis deep-down. ULTRA-LIFTING VIALS INSTANT EFFECT 2 x 1.5 ml vials With their boosted formula, Collistar’s iconic lifting vials smooth out the features as if by magic, minimizing wrinkles and instantly canceling signs of tiredness.