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Bourjois Le Petit Strober 00 Universal glow, 2.3g / 0.08 oz

341,000 L.L
Perfect for strobing and contouring
2.4g / 0.08 oz

Face sculpted in Parisian sun? Voil’???�! Discover LE PETIT STROBER which illuminates your skin and reshapes facial features. Its universal pearly champagne shade perfectly matches all skin tones, bringing natural glow. The highlighting blush is born to strobing! Apply to the top of the cheeks, temples and brow bone to sculpt your face and achieve healthy, radiant look! Soft and lightweight texture makes product easy to use. LE PETIT STROBER is le must have this season!

Ready to play with make-up? In Paris, beauty is a game, never a chore. Bourjois makes it easy to create chic looks for eyes, lips, face and nails, all with an effortless Parisian twist. Say Bonjour to beauty with ?joie de vivre?!€?