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Adidas Fruity Rhythm


A mesmerizing perfume from the Fruity Rhythm range of Adidas that gives rise to an essence that keeps the woman in you going with a flair of attitude.
Sweet Fruity Floral Fragrance
Apt for a woman who symbolises serenity, the sensuous top note of sweet fruity floral fragrance helps her walk that extra mile and emanate her charm. The floral scent gives a charming twist to her aura.
Sporty and Sensual
Spring to life and enjoy the aroma of this perfume that has a sporty effect and is sensual when worn. You can enjoy every moment that a day offers with this ecstatic fragrance.
Slender and Feminine Bottle
Encased in a slender and feminine bottle, Adidas Fruity Rhythm Eau de Toilette is just perfect to be put in your handbag and used whenever the need arises.